I started Grow Because You Know…

to help

  • professionals
  • small business owners
  • Baby Boomers

have a better future.

Social Security? What’s that? Please don’t tell me you’re going to rely on Social Security for your monthly living needs!

401(k)? Mine wasn’t worth squat when I finally rolled it into an IRA.

Stock investments? Glad they were there when disaster struck my family. Gone…now what?

Retirement? Are you sure you have enough? Chances are good (98% actually) that you will not have enough to leave the work force.

Do you really want to work at a job

you get no joy from

until you’re 75?

I’ve trained hundreds of professionals, in person and remotely, on various topics such as:

  • Social Media for the Busy Professional
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media for the Job Seeker
  • SEO101: Keyword Research and Back Linking
  • Competitive Intelligence the Internet Way
  • Creating an Online Marketing Strategy
  • LinkedIn: More Than Just a Resume Holder

September, 2014 I published my first ebook titled CI101: Competitive Intelligence the Internet Way. Available in pdf format as well as Kindle through Amazon.

April, 2015 I co-authored an ebook Freedom-Preneur The New Age “American Dream” The Secrets to Living Free and Earning Free

In addition to managing and growing my two companies I was, and still am, affiliated with the following:

2009 – Present: Facilitator for two MasterMind Groups, each with business owners as members
2008 – Present: Member AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals)
2014: Member Association for Iron & Steel Technology
2014: Member Louisville Leadership Center
2010-2013: Executive Director WOAMTEC Louisville Chapter (Women On A Mission To Earn Commission)
2013-2015: Board Member, Director of Marketing Technology AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals)
2012: The first-ever Online Marketing Advisor to the Indiana Small Business Development Center, located in New Albany Indiana and serving the Southeast Indiana Region.
2011-2012: Board Member We GET To organization
2011-2012: Website Committee Member AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals)
2011-2012: Policy & Procedure Committee Member AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals)
2010-2011: President of the New Albany #410 Toastmasters Club
2010: Secretary for GLBA (Greater Louisville Business Alliance)
2010: Membership Committee Member, charged with Social Media Marketing NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners – Louisville Chapter)
2009-2011: Directory Committee Chair AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals)

The Nitty Gritty

For years I worked for other people, doing jobs and work that didn’t fit my temperament, that had little to no meaning for me. I did it to get a paycheck and have health insurance. I did it because that was what I was taught to do: go to college, get a job, fund your 401(k) and invest in stocks for retirement, retire at 62.

I went to college and earned a few degrees. I got married at age 26 (and am still married to the man who treats me like a queen, talks to me like an equal, supports me in all that I do).

I’ve had many, many jobs ranging from cashier to design engineer, from secretary to sales manager, from prep cook to field engineer. I’ve changed jobs on purpose. I’ve been laid off. I’ve been fired.

Each job had it’s moments of fun and satisfaction, but by and large I was miserable. I am an introvert with social anxieties and pretty much every job I’ve had was better suited to an extrovert who enjoyed socializing.

This stress led to a physical breakdown with a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. Thank goodness for savings and investments because the only thing that worked to control the symptoms was an experimental drug, and it was costly. Eventually, I weaned myself away from that drug and a few years later, away from any prescription drug. I no longer have symptoms nor do I take any prescription drugs. And I no longer had any savings or investments left (more happened than just the illness).

I knew I had to find work that I could do at home, away from these jobs that were so stressful. I did my research and in early 2007 found a business opportunity that suited me well: information professional focusing on business research and sourcing candidates for recruiters.

October, 2007 I was fired from my last job.

June, 2008 I used part of the severance package from that job and a loan from a family member to officially open my agency Burke Research Services, working from my home office.

September, 2008 the financial collapse/crisis hit and the recession occurred and all of my customers (except 1) went under/closed their doors/stopped calling.

March, 2009 some customers came back looking and needing internet marketing (skills that I had). The name of the agency changed.


Grow Because You Know. I firmly believe that if you want to grow a business you must grow your heart and grow your mind:

  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Action

First you must Know – you have a yearning, a need to change, a skill you want to improve or learn, questions about How To or Why Do something. Get the answer to your question so you Know what you need to do next.

Then you put it to use. Whether it’s beginning to learn a new skill or starting a new meditation series. It’s in the doing that you gain understanding and that is where Wisdom lies.

Now that you understand it’s amazing how much better your Action is! And it’s in Action that profits lay. Not just money.

  • A better heart…you’re more open to connecting with people, more generous with sharing your knowledge.
  • A better mind…you now understand the Why of something and have the confidence to put it to use,  you now look at the world/your life/your circle of friends differently
  • A better business…because of what you Know and the Wisdom you have gained, your business is growing and you’re making money.

I’ve worked with very small business owners and individuals to get their marketing in line with their business goals.

I’ve worked with c-level executives to get their online presence in shape and ready for the 21st century.

I facilitate two MasterMind Groups for business owners, each group made up of members from the same industries willing to help each other be better so we can do better.

Many years in the business world, working with clients since 2008, advising c-level executives about their next focus, have confirmed what I already knew:

 to be successful, a person must know before they can do.

I believe education is vital to everyone’s ability to meet their goals. Education can be formal training or academics, or self-guided by going to someone who knows and asking them to teach you.

The purpose of this site is to share insights, experiences, opportunities and advice about how to be successful in business. AND – to let you know that I understand business, growing a business and can help you with an online business.

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Keep Growing

Knowledge + Wisdom + Action = Success!